LAM March 2019

London Alternative Market, a kinksters paradise. This wasn’t my first market but my first going as a little with my CG.

Its always nice to get to go out and really embrace a part of yourself you often hide but even there, going as a little was a bit off. This event is meant for anyone on the scene but obviously, some traits are more common than others.

There was only a handful of other littles there and there wasn’t much in the way of little gear to purchase but it was still a fun day. I was able to pick up a new bottle with a cute little cow on it. It also came with both the standard and extended teat. There were a number of vendors offering pacis in basic colours and the odd paci gag if that’s your thing.

I got to dress up in my new lolita inspired onesie ( and I just covered up with a skirt for the walk from the train station. I had many nice people tell me how cute I looked and they were all just so supportive.

My CG and I attended a Q&A session on being a switch hosted by Foxtress. I couldn’t recommend enough going to the talks/workshops at LAM. It was such a comfortable and open environment. They are voice recorded but if you wish not to be recorded they have a system in place. The advice was very insightful and was coming from a panel with very different experiences on the topic.

The after party was a strange experience. The bar was nice and had a good range of drinks and the music was mostly 80s/90s tunes. During the after party, they display some of the equipment on offer and allow people to try it. Its a strictly no nudity and no sexual contact environment so don’t panic about people having sex in the corner.

We didn’t stay for long, but during that time, they displayed some different rigging stands and floggers and paddles. The most curious moment for me was watching a girl be viciously paddled while Toto’s Africa was playing.

As a whole, I really recommend visiting a LAM at some time and feel free to be as little as you like. Unfortunately, it isn’t the best place to meet other littles but still great.

This year I plan on attending more and more kink events. If you want to learn more about LAM, just visit


Your secret life

We’ve all had the same fears at one time or another. “What if my family knew?” “What if my friends found out about this?”

It can panic you, the idea of your little private life being in the open. I have had my fair share of moments where someone found out and then grilled me on my life choices. Dealing with these issues can be very straight forward – even if a little uncomfortable.

1) Hiding it from people.

This is the first thing to consider about your kink or lifestyle (this isn’t just for DDLG). If you want to keep your life private, there are some very simple things to do. The most obvious thing is to keep your gear hidden. I keep a cute green box under my bed amongst many other boxes. This box has collars and toys, pacis and bottles, and many other… pieces of equipment. By being in plain sight it actually draws less attention to itself.

If your one for enjoying content like this, Instagram accounts, or any social media looking at your kink, never do this on the family/shared computer or device. If this is the only way you get online, then use the private viewing functions on your browser. Please always be mindful that if your Facebook is logged to a device that you’re viewing on, adverts may start to appear. Consider making second accounts for your kink viewing pleasure!

2) Personal Appearance

This again can be obvious to most. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you not to walk to the shop with a collar on if you don’t want looks or questions. I personally am blessed enough with a young and vacant look on my face, this lets me dress however I like with minimal questions.

What I mean here, is tending carefully to any marks you may have. I’ve seen enough girls with the creeping blush on their thighs from a prolonged session. It can be easy not to notice a love bite, bruise, or even a slight cut from different tools. For secret’s sake and not to concern people from outside of the loop, tending to them is vital.

If you often have more painplay in your routine, consider icing things down if you know you have a family day coming up. A great trick for love bites and other pitting is toothpaste (Smother on and leave for several hours). Bruises also heal faster with sun exposure, so if you can, lay with your partner or trusts friends in the sun for a while the day after.

If worst comes to worst, there’s always makeup!

3) Being Exposed

There may come a time when the secret is out. It happens to us all, especially if you have friends who like to just ‘drop by’. There’s nothing wrong with being open, the people who love you will not change just because on a Saturday night you watch cartoons with a paci instead of being wasted.

If this does happen, be prepared for the questions. My best advice is only to give the details they ask for. They may ask ridiculous things but just put their concerns to bed.

“No, I’m going crazy”

“No he/she doesn’t beat me, it’s consensual”

“No, you don’t need to hold my hand when we cross the street! – I have someone for that!”

Joking aside, they may act out or say they don’t get it. But, at the end of the day, they don’t have to get it and your real friends and family will love you regardless.


If you want to keep it a secret or tell the world it doesn’t matter. Everyone gets to be their crazy kinky or small adorable selves.

DDLG in the real world

Thank you for joining me!

I’m sure if you are here and looking at this you probably know what I mean by DDLG. Just in case you are unsure, this is the kink/lifestyle of the Daddy Dom and his little girl. This isn’t always a male/female thing, any dynamic can fit into the lifestyle.

When you look at DDLG online you see lots of cute posts of little girls who are always feeling small, they have their adoring Daddies who dote and punish in equal measure. These girls always fit into that young and perfectly adorable niche as well. The pictures on Instagram and Pinterest will always be thin, pretty, and oh so perfect.

If this is not you, please don’t panic. To be ‘little’, you don’t have to be in your twenties this porcelain skin. You don’t have to have a tiny waist or love the colour pink. You don’t even have to currently have a caregiver lined up and ready to baby you.

To be ‘little’ you just have to be your adorable self. I don’t personally live the lifestyle 24/7. I am 21 years old, I live alone, and I have a full-time job. I have to spend a lot of time being a big girl, paying my bills and looking after myself. But this does not change my views and loves.

This page will be for the alternate littles and small insights into my romances as a polyamorous woman.  For a long time, I felt these were not things I could readily share, but fuck that – always share your loves.

~ Destiny Dear


My ‘Little’ Self

It’s always important if you want to discuss these very personal topics to give a little bit of yourself along with it. SWF and NSWF

So here I go. This is me, looking particularly small. I’m not really the type to box myself in or anyone else but I guess you could say I’m a silly little.

I’m not the majorily bratty type (Well I have my moments). I don’t personally wear dipears/nappies but I do enjoy a paci or two.

Due to my young appearance, I can get away with dressing little in my everyday life and no one even notices – its great! I will wear makeup even when I’m small. When I’m in my space, I enjoy cartoons and playing video games. My DD is very forgiving, he likes that I’m sarcastic and playful and won’t punish me for talking back (often).

I will enjoy my space alone or with him, sometimes it can only be for an hour or so, and other times a full weekend. We don’t live in the same city so it can be a week or more before we will see each other. This may seem obvious to some, but yes we do have a sexual element to this. Many people do dabble in the DDLG life purely as a lifestyle and to assist with certain mental health issues as a way of calming and centring one’s self. In this asspect I am traditional and we are a sexual couple and it is a kink for us.


I’m a very sexually open girl so there will be a number of NSFW posts on this page, but just as a brief introduction into Little Sex for me.

Punishments aren’t something I get a lot of, it just happens to be that I’m clearly a little angel (or he just doesn’t notice). We do include a lot of the traditional punishments including spanking, relief denial, bondage, etc. Sex is a big part of our relationship as it is a way of us exploring and it just heightens the feel of intimacy. I don’t believe that sex is important for all relationships but it means a lot to me.

I can be a switch at times. It is rare I feel the need to be dominant, but when I do, it can be intense. This doesn’t take away from me being a little. I can go from being on top and telling him what will happen and what I will do to his body to 20 mins later begging him to let me taste. It is confusing.

So this is me, short and sweet. If there are things in particular that anyone would like to know, I am more than happy to answer any questions. Some things will be looked at further in a couple of posts I am currently working on.

~ Destiny Dear